Today the bulbs went in and the mosquito bush went out. I still don’t know what the mosquito bush is–small green leaves, small red berries, apparently a haven for bugs that suck blood–but there are several around the neighborhood even bigger than ours, so I suppose the neighbors might have thought I was a bit odd cutting ours down. But out it went–turns out it was actually three of them grown together in a single mass–and out went the funny ivy-looking plants that have been growing around them. I’ve been waiting all summer to see if I’d like them, and it turns out I don’t.

I discovered that three bags of bulbs, about thirty each, was not enough. This, despite my not being a flower person. I know there are a few small daffodils around, and some crocuses in the lawn, and a tulip or two, and I thought adding a few drifts of scilla and chionodoxa and a few nicely-placed irises would be enough. Alas, at least for the fall planting, it isn’t. We’ll see how I feel about them come spring.