I planted my garlic today. Georgian Crystal and Lorz Italian, two heads each, from Seed Savers. It was easy to tell which one was the hardneck when I was breaking the cloves apart. It pleases me immensely to be starting next year’s gardening so soon.

The envelope I received in the mail today also pleased me; it was my SASE from Winter Sown. I got:

-Husker’s Red Penstemon (which got Eric excited because the species name is digitalis; now I think he wants me to grow actual digitalis and St. John’s Wort, and he was pleased to hear that I also got the next item)
-Purple coneflower (which is apparently the same thing as echinacea)
-‘Robert Johnson’ nicotaina
-Spider flower (which I shall have to call cleome, because having a spider plant is bad enough)
-Pot marigold mix (these seeds look like little dead grubs)
-Bachelor button mix
-Anise hyssop (happily a different genus from actual hyssop, since I have seeds for that too and would like to save them)
-Hollyhock blend
-Merveille des Quatre Saisons (“Four seasons Merveille”? I know nothing of French other than what I’ve picked up in books. Anyway, it’s lettuce)
-tomato mix

I’m not sure about the tomatoes; I read that page on the site and it says that they produce later than tomatoes started inside, which makes sense; it’s what volunteers do. But I anticipate having quite a bit of fun saving containers and buying soil and starting some of these seeds in the coldest months. I’m not sure exactly where I’ll plant them; some will go in the herb garden, but I may have filled up that space already (in my head)…but then again, I had a bush to clear out of my front yard, and that will surely open up space, and there’s a bare patch in the back where the previous owners’ sandbox was…and now that I think about it, I’m pretty confident I’ll find somewhere to put them all.