I pulled out my basil plants yesterday. I’ve been harvesting seeds right along and I’ve got plenty, assuming I don’t spill the bowl all over the back porch like I did before. I also replanted the campanula the driveway contractors pulled out, thinking they were doing some good, and left on the side of the driveway. I roasted the one butternut squash I dropped and split (after some healthy cursing). And then I went to the symphony.

Today, I heard it was due to frost tonight. That was my cue to harvest the Kentucky Wonder beans I’ve been letting grow for seed, some green onions that have inexplicably decided to reappear, and all the tiny baby zucchini that are left (remind me next year to prune my zucchini all summer). I think–and am willing to wait and see–that the rosemary, sage, oregano, and parsley will be okay, plus the Swiss chard and carrots. I did take in the few Asian pears that remain, and noticed that the spilanthes has in fact yielded dried seed heads; I just haven’t noticed up until now. They’re in a bowl, awaiting appropriate winnowing weather.

And I assume that’s it for the garden (unless that solitary broccoli plant decides it wants to grow). I’ve been planning right along to transplant the herbs to the herb garden and the strawberries to where the herbs are now, but at this rate–I haven’t prepped the new garden yet, haven’t bought the stones for the pavement or the soil to mix in with what’s there–that’s going to be a spring task, with everything wintering where it is. I think that’s okay, since I did just about as much this past spring.

What remains for the year? Eat the rest of the carrots and Swiss chard, for one thing. Aside from that, looking over what I did, and looking ahead to what I’ll do next year, I think. I did quite a lot, and learned quite a lot. And this blog is searchable, so why not?