Two days ago–I posted this yesterday but it seems to have been swallowed and eaten–I received the completion of my first seed “swap.” It gets the quotation marks because she was the one with all the seeds she wanted to get rid of and I had postage and a single packet of Micro-Toms. I’d been thinking of planting them as houseplants and giving them to people, maybe for Christmas, but this was a better use. I got about twice as many seeds as I requested, and I’m all excited about the different varieties and how I’m going to fit them into the garden.

Yesterday I also sent away for free seeds. Colleen alerted me, at the gardenblogger seed exchange forum, that the Winter Sown site has an offer for free seeds and the proprietor is eager to send them out. I sent away for a packet. Free seeds? Sounds good to me. I actually have a packet of seeds (Indian Paintbrush) that I wanted to try winter-sowing anyway. And while I’m probably never going to me more of an ornamental gardener than a food gardener, I’d like to expand my repertoire a little. Bring on the seeds!