I planted, you may recall, broccoli and cauliflower earlier this summer, where the peas and the lettuce used to be. I didn’t pay a lot of attention after that, except to note with pleasure that a few plants had come up and were leafing out. The other day, however, I noticed that one of those plants was no longer leafing out…it was a skeleton. And another was well on its way.

So I looked the plants over. And lo and behold, there were the cabbage worms. I suspected they’d be there, because I had just read this post about them. I found four and dispatched them all. (Each one squirted green jelly out one end when I pressed them in the middle…it was gross, but pretty interesting, too.)

I read about these things, you know–pests and diseases that could and will plague my plants. But I never really expect them to be there. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t think it could happen to me, or I don’t believe in things I’ve never seen, or what. I’m ashamed I hadn’t thought to look for pests earlier. Next year I need to keep a more proactive eye on the plants, now that I’ve seen some of the things they could succumb to.