I have a polka dot plant on my desk at work. I hoped, given its rainforest floor origins, it would do okay in my cubicle, where there is no window, and though it’s been a little erratic it’s done all right. There are white-, pink-, and red-variegated branches in it, and the red one got very leggy recently. I fed it coffee grounds from the office coffee maker last week. I don’t know whether that did anything, but when I came in today I found it had flowered.

This is a plant grown for its foliage, not its flowers, and I acknowledge that’s a good idea; the flowers are tiny and hidden among the leaves. They’re also bright magenta and a little orchid-like in their construction: one big, squarish petal on top and a small, thin one on bottom. They were a lovely surprise to find on a Monday morning. I had read up on the plant and was going to cut the leggy branch off, maybe root it for another plant, but now I’m going to wait and watch it flower.