I overdid it on yardwork yesterday–it doesn’t help that it was nearly 90 degrees–and paid for it with overheating and a big headache later. But I’m pleased I finally got things checked off my list. I:

  • moved an “auxiliary” compost pile to the actual compost
  • moved fallen Asian pears and tomatoes, dead sunflower stalks, zucchini leaves, and lots of dead weeds to the compost
  • weeded, newspapered, and mulched the garden fence line to allow for better mowing on the one side and less invasion of grass on the other
  • divided and replanted daylilies
  • weeded and mulched the daylily bed
  • removed the plastic from the herb garden (the grass looks good and dead)
  • marked out (in dried daylily stalks) where I want the paths in the herb garden to be
  • harvested Garden Peach tomatoes from where my neighbor’s plant spilled over the fenceline

though that last one wasn’t yardwork per se.

I also took down the drying herbs in my entry, stripped the leaves from the stems, and put the leaves into sealed jam jars. I hung more rosemary, as I technically have oregano and basil in my spice rack already and the sage jar was full (though that may not stop me from harvesting more later).

This week I need to freeze more parsley and make the last garden-fresh tabbouleh–at least the last with garden-fresh tomatoes, as we’ve finally got a frost approaching at the end of the week. Soon, I need to move a rose, prune the pear trees, and consider pruning and moving the lilac. It depends on how serious my in-laws were about taking it. And once the frost has come, my garlic and bulbs can go in. The heat’s been good, but I’ll be pleased with the cooler weather.