I pulled out my two Toga eggplants yesterday. I’ve tried cooking with them and I just don’t like them. Too much seed and too little meat. Very pretty, though. I need to get out there with the clippers and cut them into smaller pieces–I’ll need to do that to the poor dead sunflower stalks, too, once frost hits and I don’t have to worry about the bean vines they’re supporting. I do love this method of staking beans; I want to do at least some of it next year (but with purple bean pods).

I got one Celebrity tomato, one Taxi tomato, and 273 g of ripe, unsplit cherry tomatoes. (I weighed them to see if I had enough for roasted-tomato-and-garlic risotto. I did. It was marvelous.) Also several Asian pears, a small zucchini, and another handful of beans. The amaranth puzzlingly is not going to seed–it’s just sitting there and being red, which is pretty but not what I was expecting. I guess I’d better get out a last batch of wool to try dyeing. The last two butternut squash are tan but don’t pass the fingernail test yet. The nasturtiums think they’re competing with the zucchini to take over the garden. I need to get my monthly garden picture soon.

I still need to freeze a bunch of parsley and cut more rosemary for drying. The basil is pretty much completely given over to seed right now, which is okay. (Incidentally, I tested a couple of the seeds I’m drying. The basil doesn’t taste like anything but the dill seed made my tongue numb. I guess I knew that would happen; they sell dill seed in the spice aisle at the store.) I might get another couple of pods of Hutterite beans, and I’m definitely expecting more green beans, and I really ought to cut some Swiss chard for freezing or at least flavoring the homemade vegetable broth I’m due to make again. (I put vegetable leavings–potato skins, parsley stems, broccoli stalks–into a gallon bag in the freezer, and when the bag is full I boil it senseless with a few extra spices and freeze the broth until I need it.) Things are slowing way down. Have I mentioned that?

The one thing that does need doing is moving plants from the driveway. We’re getting it redone October 17-19, and widening it by a foot, and I have plants there. Some I don’t particularly care for, but some I do, and they need saving. I also need to work on the herb garden, pulling up the plastic (yes, I still haven’t done it) and marking out where the paths will go and transplanting a couple of herbs in the hopes they’ll live through the winter. I admit the bathroom needs cleaning more than the herb garden needs digging, at least right now, but I’m hoping that in the next few days I’ll be able to do both.