I harvested more seeds today, the basil and dill. It took me a bit to figure out where the basil seeds were; they’re well hidden in their little seed pockets. Only one mosquito noticed me, and not to the extent of snacking on me, which I appreciated. I snipped some oregano that had grown extra roots and planted it inside. I also saved seeds from a red pepper from dinner and started an avocado seed in some water.

“What are you growing now?” Eric said, noticing the latter in a styrofoam cup with three skewers sticking out the sides.

“I need more houseplants,” I said. I’m not sure that’s true–or rather, I’m not sure I have space and sunlight for more plants–but he more or less accepted that, after some ribbing about collecting all known plants when he noticed my herb seeds. Once everything comes in, my houseplant population will have tripled from this time last year. I had a Wandering Jew, my cactus, and the mother-of-millions. I’ve added an aloe, ginger, oregano, Meyer lemon, papyrus, and this avocado. Our next house will need more southern-facing walls.