The dill and the basil are finally producing seeds. Hallelujah. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have any, that I would have to (oh horrors, right?) buy seeds for next year. There’s nothing specifically wrong with that, but I’d like to (a) save money and (b) learn about seed saving where I can. So I was glad to see some dry little seeds come out when I rubbed a couple of dried husks while cutting parsley for dinner today. I’ll collect some this weekend and try to remember to succession-sow the dill next year; I’ve found I really like it fresh but it seems to go to seed fairly quickly, like the cilantro.

The Taxi tomato is producing a couple of spindly little tomatoes. The other tomatoes seem to have quieted down completely except for the cherry. I’m so glad I only have the one plant.  The zucchini is sprawling but not producing. I’m a little disappointed in it. Was I supposed to keep it pruned? Once the cucumbers and cantaloupes were gone I didn’t see any particular reason not to let it grow as it wanted, but I’m not sure either it or I benefited.

There’s not much left of the garden, I’m afraid. Toledo’s average first frost is tomorrow but we probably won’t see one for another two weeks at least; but it’s very slow. I’ve put off the cleaning up and mulching over operations until slightly cooler weather (though I noticed a distinct lack of mosquitoes this evening, which is hopeful). But I’m only going out there every few days–except for when I need parsley–and not bringing much back. Except from the Asian pear tree, which is a delight.

When the garden folds up for the winter (except for the Swiss chard and the carrots, I believe) I’ll write up my overall impressions, along with my thoughts on the varieties I planted this year. I can already say I’m never planting Toga eggplants again, unless it’s for the decoration. I can also say there’s a lot more I want to do next year–which is a sign that this has been a good gardening year.