I hadn’t realized until the other day that once again we got no pears from the pear tree. Not because it didn’t bear fruit, but because every one of them disappeared sometime after I noticed the hard, small fruits. The peach tree is covered in leaves, like an overly hirsute man, but no fruit–which is fine, since it’s its first year. The Asian pear, now, is covered in fruits, and the squirrels (or whatever) don’t seem to care for them, which is delightful since I do very much. Eric has also voiced a newly-discovered liking for them, which is good because he likes regular pears too and it looks like he’s never going to get any.

It stormed tonight, which means I don’t have to water the poor potted pepper that was drooping. After this, it’s supposed to be cooler–highs around 70, lows around 50–for at least the next week and a half. I plan to do more yardwork tomorrow, since it should be the right weather for it. And it’s getting to be time to clean things up. There are fruits in the trees, there’s apple cider in my fridge; fall is coming, and I’m glad.