I planted my outdoor plant booty today, while getting an estimate to have the driveway redone. (It’s going to hurt.) In the garage bed, I planted a spirea, the pine, a campanula, and then I de-potted an asparagus fern and found this:

Weird roots

My first thought was “Slugs!” followed closely by “They can’t be slugs, what are they?”  They appear to be part of the roots…but ferns aren’t nitrogen-fixing, are they? What’s going on here? At first I was afraid to plant it, but then I figured, why not, and now it’s in the ground.

I planted the wintergreens, the autumn fern, and the sweet woodruff on the fruit tree island. Then I transplanted my Easter cactus (grown from a cutting from my dad’s, which came from my grandmother’s) into a new, bigger pot. I was going to do the same with the Meyer lemon, but then I saw this:


No wonder katydids need to disguise themselves; this guy was at least two inches long. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I didn’t transplant the lemon. Now that I’ve looked them up, though, I’m a little concerned that this guy was a girl, and I’ll have a katydid nursery on my hands…plus they eat leaves. Maybe I’ll go tell him/her to buzz off.