Saturday we were supposed to go to Cedar Point. We didn’t, and instead I went to Costco with my mother-in-law to check it out (I grew up with it, but she didn’t) and then both Eric and I spent a good chunk of time over at my mother-in-law’s playing board games (well, one: EuroRails, which I adore but only play once every several months because it’s a long game and takes a lot out of the players).

“It’s supposed to get down to 38 tonight,” Eric reported as we sat in the computer room after showering when we got home.

“Anything about frost?” I said offhandedly.

“Um…yes, there’s a frost advisory.”

At Costco I had bought a $30 jacket, fake shearling. I put it on and went outside. The garden was hopeless, so I brought in the porch plants I wanted to keep through the winter, the bay tree and the papyrus. I had to trim the papyrus before setting it in the plant window; it’s grown quite a bit since the wedding. This morning everything seemed healthy. But frost is coming.