I planted the very last of my salad mix and spinach seeds today. There were only a few left, and the ones I’d planted before mostly haven’t come up, so I figured, why not? It’s supposed to be in the 70s this week, with lows getting down to the 40s. It’s definitely that turning time of year.

I harvested two butternut squashes–they’ve been tan and hard for a while but I left them on the plant, fearful of bringing them in too soon. But then I read that leaving them too long is detrimental, so in they came. There are at least two immature ones, too; we’ll see if they make it.

The green pepper has decided the time has come to be prolific. The zucchini has taken over most of the raised bed. It’s hard to believe that’s just one plant. The Taxi tomatoes are apparently making a comeback, despite being determinate–I picked one ripe one today and there are other green ones hanging out. Apparently they’re like my Quinault strawberries, one harvest in the summer and another in the fall. I’m glad I didn’t pull them.

I went out well girded against the mosquitoes, and I think I escaped them all. There are so many fruit flies, though. They’re everywhere.

The Togas are ripening, and quite pretty. They’re too little meat and too much seed for me to really like them, though. I think I’ll roast a bunch and put them through a sieve to get the seeds out, and make baba ghanouj, and next year I’ll plant a different variety.

Tomorrow, unless life intervenes, I’m going to Home Depot to pick up mulch, pots, shrubs, and bulbs–at least the first two, and the last two if I find ones I like. It’s time for fall planting. Which means time for weeding, laying down newspaper, mulching, digging up the plants I don’t like and planting ones I do.

Oh, and it means working around the neighbors’ tomatoes. They’ve spilled well over to my side and are invading my garage bed. I’ve picked four tomatoes so far and some of the fuzzy ones are starting to ripen, so I don’t mind.