I tend to think I would make a good philanthropist. The year my parents told me there was no Santa Claus (which I already knew, having conducted a fairly scientific experiment on the Tooth Fairy and extrapolated from there) I told my brother that we would pretend to be Santa Claus for my parents. To this day my brother and I (mostly I; he’s not very motivated in the gift-buying department) fill their stockings, and they fill ours. The next year we set out Easter eggs for the neighbor kids to hunt for, and the year after that we delivered Easter baskets for some random families in the neighborhood just after dawn. I like giving people things, especially anonymously.

So I loved the idea of a Secret Pal exchange. But the only ones I had heard of were for knitters or spinners, and while I enjoy knitting and spinning I’m not hard-core, and I already have more yarn than I need.

But gardening…well, I’m just starting out in gardening, and haven’t hit that I-have-way-too-much-stuff point (yet; I know I will, I do with all my hobbies). Plus it strikes me that you can’t send too much that would take up huge amounts of space; hoes, for example, would be fairly bulky to send in the mail. (I suppose yarn doesn’t seem bulky either but you’d be surprised. Come look at my craft room sometime.)

But no one seems to have done such a thing before. Which leaves it to me. So: would gardenbloggers be interested in such an exchange? Would you?

I’m envisioning having such an exchange run over the winter, maybe mid-October through mid-February (though that might be a bit long–I’m not sure), with a commitment to contact your secret pal at least monthly and send fun cards and packages with a small minimum expected outlay, say $10 a month. The idea would be entertainment, at least somewhat garden-themed, through the non-gardening months. I also think it would be fun to send a clue occasionally as to your identity. (Ask me about the riddles Eric and I wrote for his stepsister’s mystery Christmas present last year. There’s Santa Claus again.)

I put up a short post about this at the ITGO Seed Exchange and got at least one person’s interest. Anyone else? If you’re interested, let me know–and blog about it so other people know too. No matter what I said about the winter as a respite from mosquitos, I think it would be wonderful to keep this gardening thing going through the winter in some form.