For the past few days I’ve been having a moderate to strong allergic reaction. I’ve waited and it isn’t a cold; but it’s not exactly spring and there’s not much to trigger this. It began when I was at my mother-in-law’s; she has dogs and a cat, both of which I’m allergic to, but neither have bothered me over there before. But now it’s been ongoing and it clearly isn’t the cat. I’m strongly inclined to blame the mosquitos.

They moved into my garden and they’re not going away. I’m starting to dislike going out there now because whenever I go, even if it’s a quick trip to dump kitchen scraps into the compost pile or a stop at the edge to grab a handful of parsley and basil for dinner, I come back with tiny white bumps that convert to huge white hivelike masses that convert to red welts. Where did they come from? The fruit flies I can understand; why the mosquitos?

They may not truly be to blame for my sneezing and catarrh; all of the diseases I can think of that mosquitos carry involve fever, and I don’t have one. Of course it just may be a failure of knowledge on my part. Or a too-strong leap of imagination. Still, it’s nice to have something to blame. Apparently it’s time to start wearing long pants, long shirts, gloves, and hats whenever I venture into the garden. Ugh. When is winter coming again?