I brought in the potato harvest today:

The potato harvest (and monster zucchini)

I know, it’s not much, but I’m jazzed about it. I planted three Irish Cobbler seed potatoes and pretty much forgot about them except to occasionally clear away the bindweed. I cut two of them with my shovel, and those made some excellent roasted-garlic mashed potatoes tonight.

Harvest isn’t fazing me much anymore but I marveled at these potatoes. All that time they were in the ground and I didn’t know! I pulled up one of the plants (I dug them up too early, it turns out) and saw the tiny, tiny marble-sized potatoes embedded among the roots. I should have taken a picture, but I was muddy and hot. There were tons of earthworms around them, and the dirt there is much better than I remember it being, just like Michele on Garden Rant said. Perhaps I’ll plant potatoes in the new herb garden this year instead of bothering to dig up all that sod?