Today, I entered today’s harvest (including three monstrous zucchini–it rained buckets the past couple of days and now I feel I’ve had the authentic zucchini experience; these things weren’t even visible last time I was out there! And they’re yellow, so they’re hard to miss!) into my Excel spreadsheet. Yes, I’m tracking this on Excel. Yes, I’m a dork.

And today, I finally broke even. The cash equivalent of my total harvest thus far is more than the money I spent on the garden this year. That even includes mulch for the side bed, which isn’t part of the vegetable garden in any way, and doesn’t count the vegetables that were attacked by bugs or split open before I could harvest them.

Now, this isn’t a totally fair comparison, I know, since some of that food was given away and a little spoiled before I could use it, and I wouldn’t have bought some of it (for example, a gallon of basil) in order to get it. But still, it’s a decent way of figuring out my return. I used fairly reasonable prices–$2/lb for tomatoes, $1/lb for beans (also? In retrospect, I’m so glad most of my bean plants didn’t come up), $2 for each cantaloupe, $0.50 for each zucchini except the really gigantic ones.

And I’ve “earned” almost three hundred dollars. And the harvest isn’t over yet.