My first and second attempts at dyeing with my dying amaranth are up here. Poor plants. Two of them are still whole; the others have twisted broken stems and I must continue my dyeing trials soon before they die completely. Otherwise, not much is going on (other than having for dinner last night a cantaloupe from the garden, tabbouleh that barely made a dent in the parsley bed, and Genie’s rosemary-artichoke hummus). How could it? It’s been raining for days. A cucumber plant appears to be kicking the bucket, the potatoes are yellowing, the few puny onions I dug up are undoubtedly waterlogged. At least my spilanthes are starting to flower (the cosmos aren’t). When the rain stops I will attempt to garden again. Until then, it’s cooking and taking care of the inside of the house (for a change) for me.