More tomato processing yesterday. Specifically, chopping up three quart bags’ worth of red tomatoes and filling two ice cube trays with juice. I’ve still got yellow pasta sauce to make, Romas to dry, and cherries to freeze. From the looks of my freezer, my next batch of tomatoes will need to be canned if I’m going to keep them.

“You should grow grape tomatoes next year,” Eric said the other day, selecting a cherry tomato from the small bowl I had placed that day’s harvest in. “They taste better.”

“You like cherry tomatoes?” I said in surprise. I know he likes them on salad, but I had never seen him popping them like candy the way he was right then.

“Yeah, of course.”

“Then why haven’t you been eating them?”

“Because I didn’t know you had that many until I saw them today.”

Today. When I’ve been picking them for weeks. I have a big bag of frozen cherries in the freezer because we weren’t eating enough salad to sustain them.

But I went to look for grape tomato seeds online and found that they’re apparently mainly a hybrid, or anyway the main variety, Santa, is, so I can’t simply save seeds from the tomatoes at the store. (I wouldn’t like buying tomatoes at the store in August anyway.) I’ll keep poking around and see what I can find. I’m more than pleased to adjust my plant planning so that Eric will eat more out of the garden.

I’m not so sure about his advice that I should plant fewer tomatoes next year, though. Sure, they’re a big mess–and I’m having a hard time keeping up–but I know I’ll use them all this winter. And besides, there are lots of other varieties that I need to try.