Eric suggested last night that we try replacing the lawn with clover. We’ve discussed taking out the lawn before but in previous discussions, it always required me putting in more garden and therefore doing more work. “It would never need mowing,” he said.

“It would attract bees and butterflies,” I said, thinking it over.

“It would be softer than grass,” he said. “The only problem would be keeping it watered. Because unlike grass, it wouldn’t come back.”

“That could be a problem,” I said.

“I’d take care of the watering,” he said. “Maybe we’ll try it in the back, first? To see if it works?”

Up until then I figured we were talking about some hypothetical next house that we’ll settle into eventually, perhaps in our old age. But I think he means it. Perhaps not; my husband can be a bit dilatory when it comes to starting nonessential projects like this. But if he does, where’s he going to get his exercise?