This was today’s harvest:

7-29 harvest

Now, I didn’t harvest yesterday or the day before because we shopping on Friday and to Jungle Jim’s (and spent $250 on food and kitchen gadgets, the latter mostly for presents) Saturday. But still. That picture is of eleven pounds of produce. Do you know how many cucumbers I have now? Too many, that’s how many. My friend M sent me some cucumber-containing recipes, which I will be trying this week (except the one that contains yogurt), but still…ridiculous.

So I went out after bringing this in and did what I never thought I would want to: cut vines and vines off the cucumber plants and trimmed back the tomato branches. Also a couple of cantaloupe branches. One of them contained an extremely immature cantaloupe. I took it inside and cut into it out of curiosity, and it tastes like a sweet cucumber.

I also found a cucumber I’d missed and a handful of beans, and finally harvested the coriander. 1.25 ounces, and it would have been more if I hadn’t tired of rubbing the dried stems to get the seeds.

Next year, as Eric suggested, I will go easier on the cucumbers and tomatoes and get more peppers and squashes (I’d say more beans, but it’s not for lack of planting that I don’t have many). This year, well, I’m just going to ride the tide and be glad for what I have.