I read Smitten sometimes, and while I haven’t tried many of her recipes it’s mainly because I forget to write them down. Today I went looking and this post resonated with me on a couple of levels.

First: I’m a little disappointed that I don’t have more zucchini. I should not be; this level, this every-several-days business, is exactly what I hoped for. Eric doesn’t like it, I only have a limited number of ways I know to prepare it, it’s not terribly nutritious, no big deal. But now, reading about other people’s plenteous harvests, I’m jealous.

Second, I too have bats. Not zucchini, but cucumbers. They were hiding under the eggplant. Honestly, they were. I took them in and showed Eric. “My God!” he said, horrified. “They’re baseball bats!” They weighed more than a pound each.

I gave them away. I have more cucumber in the fridge already. I will make cucumber salads this week, and more pickles if we can, and I will absolutely not plant this many cucumber plants next year.