Ouch. I’ve been meaning to post since Friday, but Friday itself was taken up with what I wanted to post, Saturday was Harry Potter, and Sunday was volunteering. So here’s an overview of my last few days:

Friday – we made tabbouleh using parsley and tomatoes from the garden. I started the pita bread first (because you can’t have tabbouleh without pita bread, and though it takes a while we love it homemade) and then went out to the garden to cut parsley. I had heard it was wise to take only half or less or each plant, to allow it to recover and grow again, and as thick as the parsley was growing that took a bit. At length I grew tired of squatting and I had a nice pile of parsley in the bowl, so I went inside and hollered, “Eric? Would you tell me how much more I need to cut?”

“ALL OF IT,” he said, skidding into the kitchen. Then he looked at the bowl. “Um, no, actually, that’s plenty.” 

“There’s lots more if we need it,” I said.

“There’s more?” 

The tabbouleh was the best ever. (The pita didn’t poof, but I think I was in too much of a hurry to get to dinner and didn’t give it enough time to rest. Still tasted good.)

Saturday – we went to the local Borders for our Harry Potter book on Friday night, and didn’t get home until two because we hadn’t picked up a color-coded bracelet. We’d been discussing on and off who would get it first, but when we woke up Saturday I opened it up and we lay on the bed side by side, reading. Several hours later we finished and my head and eyes hurt too much to do any typing or much of anything. Excellent last book, though. I did pick my first lemon cucumber–it still had tiny black spines on it, but it was no longer growing taller, only wider–and we sliced and ate it, and it was very good.

Sunday – I went to the old mill at Providence Metropark and demonstrated spinning and knitting. I brought samples of various fibers to show little kids, but I noted I don’t have any cotton. Next year, when I grow cotton, I will bring some in (assuming I can grow it successfully). When I got back, I went to the garden, because I missed it, and found that a Brandywine and a Cherokee Purple are almost, almost, ready. We meant to pickle again that evening, but didn’t because we…got distracted. And I started a batch of slow-roasted tomatoes but didn’t allow enough time to cook them fully. They’re still in the oven at home (with the oven off), and I don’t know what will happen with them. But there are still Taxis coming if these don’t work out.