My sunflowers look like they’re starting to form heads. It’s hard to be sure, since they’re taller than me and they’re always turned towards the sun’s last position now, but I think that’s what they’re doing. It’s going to be glorious when they bloom.

I picked a decent number of beans off them last night. Next year I will definitely do this with purple-podded beans, not green. But I’m pleased that it worked out, and pleased that I got enough for two servings from just two plants. I’m still not sure why these beans did so poorly when the bush beans, two beds over, did so well. Fortunately I eat more dry beans than green beans anyway.

I also picked two cucumbers, six more Taxis, and a few cherry tomatoes. Everything else on tomato row is still determinedly green. I checked on the furthest-along cantaloupe (still white and oblong, starting to change texture a little near the stem, I think) and the one baby butternut squash (still little and cute) and found three more pickle cucumbers hiding in their corner. My pepper plant is finally bearing fruit–I counted three and maybe four big peppers growing on it. It’s much bigger now than the one I bought at the nursery. Huh.

When I got inside it occurred to me that perhaps I should share the bounty. (What I really want is to slow-roast the tomatoes, but there are several almost-ripe ones out there still, so I can afford to give some away.) So I called my mother-in-law, around the corner. It kind of drives me crazy that she doesn’t like us dropping by without calling, even just to drop something off, but she doesn’t, so I called. She didn’t answer. I put the cucumbers in the fridge.

About ten o’clock last night she called back. “You called?” she said, sounding slightly concerned.

“I was just wondering if I could drop off some tomatoes,” I explained.

There was a pause. “You have tomatoes on the vine?”

“Well, yes. Just yellow tomatoes and some cherries, but I thought you might like a few.”

“Yellow tomatoes and some cherries,” she repeated. “Could you come by tomorrow?”