“Are things coming along?” my neighbor called over the fence as I stood looking at the sprawling tomatoes in that bed.

“Huh?” I said intelligently.

He gestured at the tomatoes on his side, flanking the tomatoes and cucumber and cantaloupe on mine. “In the garden?”

“Oh!” I held up a perfect yellow tomato. “Just fine.”

“Same here,” he said. “We’re going to have a lot of tomatoes. If you happen to want some, feel free to come over and pick them.”

“I’m going to have plenty myself,” I said, “But thanks.”

“Zucchini and cucumber, too,” his wife called from inside their house.

“I have those too,” I said, regretfully. I’ll have to offer them a cantaloupe or two if mine do well. “But thanks!”

They went back to whatever they were doing and I headed for the garden proper. The basil were flowering and I thought to myself, Why are they flowering again? I don’t want them to flower again! But I still don’t have tomatoes to cook them with!

Then I went to the tomato row and noticed flashes of color. A Taxi tomato came to my hand, wetter than it should have been, and I found it had been bitten into.

But I’m not too worried about it. I’ve started using a bowl for harvest now and it came in today with three pickle cucumbers, a bunch of basil tops, and ten yellow tomatoes.