I picked the Taxi and ate it. It was ripe, but it was kind of disappointing, to tell the truth. It tasted like a grocery store tomato, and not a particularly good one. Maybe it wasn’t ripe enough. Or maybe that’s just how these tomatoes are. I checked my other tomato plants–I’ve been neglecting them–and was annoyed to discover some brown leaves and a couple of cases of blossom end rot. (Look at all I’ve learned from reading this year. Last year I wouldn’t have had the faintest idea what that meant.) I pulled the offending plant parts and I’ll keep a better eye on those plants henceforth.

The cucumbers are doing very well. Eric bought jars and pickling spices; we’re going to be pickling soon (before the first pickling cucumber I picked goes bad; they ripen fast but we only get a couple of day from the two plants), and I’ve already eaten one raw and made one marinated salad. The Straight 8s don’t seem to grow to an actual eight inches, but they seem pretty good regardless.

I also pulled out my broccoli plants today, all seven of them. I got exactly nothing out of them. (But they were a pretty color! And they shaded the ground, at least.) I planted more spinach and lettuce in their place, plus some radishes and a couple of lemon cucumbers. The lemon cucumber that’s already planted is doing well but still working on its first progeny. However I realized that these cucumbers aren’t going to keep producing until frost, and it would be nice to have some in the fall with that lettuce.

So, here’s to new seeds and better attention. Fortunately, plants don’t need me to grow.