Eric loves tabbouleh. He’s fairly fond of salad in general, but tabbouleh is the only salad you could say he’s passionate about. This year, I hoped to be able to prepare tabbouleh entirely from the garden, with the exception of the couscous (we tried it with bulgur wheat and like couscous better), olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. (Okay, that’s a lot, but you know what I mean.) So I bought flat-leaf parsley seeds, since they’re supposed to be tastier than the curly kind, and I planted them. The herb bed houses several different herbs, but the star attraction is the parsley.

Parsley plot

We haven’t had garden tabbouleh yet because I don’t have any ripe tomatoes. (Sigh.) But soon we will. And next year I will buy more than one packet of seeds, because this won’t be enough.