This was the garden on June 11, 2007:

Garden on 6-11

This was the garden on July 4:

Gardenon 7-04

I really think that speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The Hutterite beans are podded and the Kentucky Wonder beans (twined around the sunflowers in the upper right) are starting to show tiny tiny pods as well. That’s the herb bed in front, infested with parsley and basil. The cucurbits are taking over; I harvested two cucumbers yesterday and three today. The tomatoes are, well, still green, but they’re looking healthy and bushy and strong. And the new brassicas are coming along nicely. Th weeds are quite manageable, though you’ll notice I’m not worrying about the path too much. All in good time. It’s July, and I’m enjoying my garden; who cares about grass as long as it doesn’t flower?