2 oz. carrot

I picked this 2 oz. carrot to be part of tonight’s dinner, a stirfry. (Also a small green pepper and a zucchini. Also I made more pesto yesterday.) After dinner I mentioned the garden to my mom and she gave me the most amazing advice: eat the big carrots now, and leave the little ones. The little ones will grow into bigger ones. I read all about thinning and got indoctrinated in the idea that you have to pull the smallest ones, always, so this never occurred to me. What an awesome idea. Thanks, Mom!

I spent a good deal of time in the garden today, spreading mulch (including on top of the potatoes) and planting strawberry suckers (we’ve had two strawberries so far but seven or eight strawberry plants; now I know I need to start cutting those suckers and maybe I’ll get a September crop) and weeding and generally straightening up. The broccoli and cauliflower have already sprouted! I love warm weather.

Also I spent some time cutting off tomato growing tips and tying up errant branches. I have plenty of green tomatoes, but none are ripening. Why don’t I have ripe tomatoes? Everyone else I talk to has ripe tomatoes. I’m jealous. But I have carrots and zucchini and Swiss chard and new baby brassicas to console me.