It rained hard last night. I rejoiced, glad that it was raining and even gladder that I had just planted some fall crops–broccoli and cauliflower in the beds where the now-bolting lettuce and peas very recently were, plus a smattering of radishes and some baby spinach. And six more green beans, though I doubt anything will come of them.

This morning I went out to the garden before work to check on things and did not rejoice: four of my bamboo-staked tomatoes had fallen over. My work pants are now dotted with wet dirt from where dirt had splashed on tomato leaves. I snapped the top off the Cherokee Purple plant getting it back upright–it needed it anyway, but some flowers came off with it and that made me sad.

Tonight I’ll be checking out the support situation more thoroughly. If nothing else, I have some fallen tree branches I could tie to the stakes as necessary for extra support. I haven’t come this far to be stymied by mechanical errors.