The quilt is finished, the baby shower has been attended, and Sunday has been spent in a lot of reading and napping and doing nothing of real significance. I meant to spread mulch, but I didn’t. I meant to pick the peas again and hill the potatoes, but I didn’t. (I did notice, when I went out for Swiss chard for last night’s dinner, that one of them is flowering a lovely lavender.) I meant to do a Green Thumb Sunday entry, maybe the sole rose on my property, maybe that potato flower, maybe the lush weeds in the driveway (I’m not killing them, but am I technically growing them?), but I didn’t.

I needed the break. I have another quilt to work on, but it has no deadline since it’s for us, so no rush there. However, the garden needs working on. At some point a few weeks ago I had weeded thoroughly, and so for several days after that I didn’t weed, thinking “But I already did it.” That was a mistake, which I rectified at the cost of lots of hard work and a heat rash. And of course now I need to weed again, and mulch and hill the potatoes and pick the peas, and potentially cut off the tops of my tomatoes since they’re outgrowing the supports I gave them. (Taller supports next year.) And decide whether I’m going to try saving seeds from my cantaloupe and cucumber plants this year or just do the easy stuff and save that for next year.

And I need to attend to my mother-in-law’s garden. We’re watching the house while she’s gone, watering and feeding the fish, and she asked me specifically to get rid of the purslane in her front bed. Her roommate asked me to pick and freeze the currants and gooseberries as they ripen, and over the weekend we did that–and stole their first ripe raspberry, too. It was delectable. Did I mention that my poor, sad specimen of a raspberry bush had five berries? And one was ripening? And when I went out to pick it I found something had already taken it? I told Eric I don’t like the garden critters in Ohio. I imagine having a more flourishing raspberry plant would help, though.

Oh, and one more task: pick the first of my Gold Rush zucchini (and maybe the second too, depending on how it looks today). It’s zucchini season!