I picked a bunch of peas last night and shelled them while reading Death of a Doxy, by Rex Stout. (This didn’t work particularly well, and wouldn’t have worked at all if it hadn’t been a hardcover and the peas in a relatively big bowl.) I got about a cup’s worth. I blanched them and used them in aloo mutter (of a sort), and they were delicious. I will probably get another crop, but that may well be it–I’m seeing some browning at the bottom that I assume means they’re tired and/or in trouble.

I don’t think I’m getting anything out of my broccoli plants. I’m trying to decide at what point I give up on florets and just eat the leaves. Might as well get something out of them, right? And there’s always the fall to try again. Apparently I should be planting cauliflower in about a month for fall harvest. Works for me–if the peas aren’t dead by then, I have space behind the amaranth plants. (After weeks of slow, chewing-inhibited growth, they’re taking off. That chewing part? Is foreshadowing. Or at least more evidence of my idiocy.)

I planted a pumpkin sprout in the garden the other day. Today I went to look at it and it was gone. Completely. I dug around where I’d planted it and eventually found the peat pot bits that had gone into the dirt with it, plus a sad, bitten-down-to-the-ground stem.

I knew my fence was no longer working; I’d stumbled over it a couple of times (I knew I would do that), making it too low, and I’d seen a few small weeds that looked chomped. And the amaranth. But my plants are mostly old and tough enough that the rabbits haven’t seemed interested. This pumpkin, though…I feel like I betrayed it. Is that silly? I also feel disappointed–I wanted to grow my own pumpkins, and that was the only pumpkin seed that sprouted. (I think I have a couple more. But germination has, obviously, been lousy.) And at the same time I’m vaguely relieved: the cucumber, squash, and cantaloupe are starting to take off and cover their half of the raised bed with vines, and the pumpkin would have been just as bushy in a less convenient part of the garden.

But I do have those few extra seeds. And it won’t hurt anything to try again. I have leftover fencing that I could encircle a seedling with.