“What should we eat?” Eric said last night.

“We should try risotto!” I said, since we had purchased arborio rice at Trader Joe’s–because several months ago at a restaurant we love, Ciao!, he had tried risotto for the first time and loved it–but haven’t used it, and it’s been months.

“Do we have the prepackaged kind?” he said. “Or should we make it ourselves?”

“We don’t have the prepackaged kind,” I said, annoyed. “We’d have to cook it ourselves. Or if that sounds too difficult–”

“Let’s cook it ourselves,” he said.

We found recipes in a couple of cookbooks (though he tried the Food Network website first) and combined them to make risotto with tomatoes and onions (since we don’t have any other vegetables in the house that we’d want to cook). “It would be nice to have something else in here,” he said while stirring the tomato broth. “Oregano, maybe?”

“Fresh?” I said.

“Ooooh,” he said.

The recipe also required fresh basil. So I took the kitchen shears out to the herb bed and cut a few sprigs of oregano and several leaves of basil. The parsley’s growing big enough that we could use bits of that, too, though not enough for tabbouleh yet. But the summer’s young.

Inside, I chopped the basil and oregano up small and put half into the broth, saving the other half to put into the risotto just before serving. “Want to try an oregano leaf?” I offered as I was taking the stems and the onion remnants to the compost box.

“Sure,” he said. “I’ve never tried it fresh.”

I gave him a tiny leaf. He chewed, then yelped. “That’s–that’s very oregano-y,” he gasped, and I laughed. The risotto was excellent.