I watered last night, and picked five plump pea pods. There are plenty of others that will be ripe soon. And these bush peas, they could have benefited from sort of support. I planted them in a mass, about two feet by two feet, and placed a decorative (because I learned last year it wasn’t good for anything but) trellis in front of it. Some of the pea plants latched onto this trellis and stretched themselves tall. The rest are hanging onto each other, and I can actually waggle the entire pea bed back and forth like a joystick. They’re hiding some serious weeds in their midst, too. This arrangement doesn’t seem to have stopped them from producing like mad, but I’m thinking I’ll try regular peas next year and trellis them.

The bush beans (Hutterite soup beans) are starting to flower. And both remaining pole bean plants have started twining around their companion sunflowers, just as I’d planned, only they’re growing faster than the sunflowers. I don’t know why the sunflowers are falling down on the job (so to speak). They’re Mammoths, after all, and they seem to be pretty healthy, even if they are the favorite perch of the red-banded leafhoppers (prettiest bug ever!) that frequent my garden.

I asked Eric to look at a small tree in the side yard where my herb garden will go next year, because I need to remove it before I can put plastic down to kill the grass. “It’s probably dead,” I added helpfully when he came out with me. “That vine strangled it.”

Indeed, it was dead. So much so that Eric put his hand on it and tugged gently, and the whole thing came up, rootless. The strangling vine (I don’t know what it is, except it’s not bindweed) will be harder to eliminate, but I have a shovel and an exercise deficit.

After that I sat on the back steps, next to pots of hyssop and spilanthes and Micro-Tom tomatoes and the salad bowl and just-started indigo and pumpkins, and three pots of papyrus left over from the wedding–my back porch will never be the same now that I’ve started this gardening madness–and read in the evening light.