There are marvelous tiny things in my garden!

Gold Rush zucchiniGolden Wonder pepper

JalapenoTaxi tomato

I went out to weed and trim back the neighbor’s hated shade-inducing tree, and tie up the tomatoes (um, yes, they weren’t actually tied to their stakes before this) and put more into the compost heap. And I discovered tiny treasures! The bush pickle cucumbers are also flowering like crazy, and the pea pods are appearing and multiplying like the descent down a rabbit’s family tree. I planted the strawberries in the empty space in the herb bed. Here’s hoping they too bring me tiny, tasty treats sometime soon (or next year, if necessary).

And here’s a bonus tiny thing: my Mother of Millions kalanchoe, the mother (or grandmother?) of which I pinched from my undergrad biology lab, is a mommy! I’d been unsure whether it would survive, and was hoping it would hold on long enough to have babies of its own. And it did:

Mother of Millions