Good grief. I take a week off to get married and my garden completely transforms. For one thing, the weeds have moved in and made themselves comfortable. I’m going to have to take some serious anti-weed action in the next couple of days, after I clean up the house and put away the wedding stuff–or to avoid doing it.

The tomatoes seem to have doubled in size, and a couple of them have flowers. I need to get their stakes out pronto. The spinach has bolted, which annoys me greatly–I haven’t even gotten to enjoy a spinach salad yet. I don’t think I like this variety of spinach; I’ll try something else next year. On the other hand, the lettuce is quite lush and ready. We’re definitely having salad the next couple of days. After all the meals out, and then catering, I’m dying for some good home-cooked meals anyway.

The sunflowers are thriving, but the green beans don’t seem to be coming up. This also annoys me greatly. The other beans are doing just fine, as are the broccoli, the cucumber (except for one), the zucchini, and the peppers. The eggplants still look bedraggled, poor things, and I noticed huge gatherings of tiny red beetles. I hope they’re not harmful. I wonder if they might be boxelder bug nymphs, and if they would really bother my three fruit trees. If so, I might bring out the boiling water.

There are four plants in my potato plot that seem to be too big for five days’ growth–but they’re right above the four potatoes I planted, so I guess they’re potato plants. I guess I’ll know if they need hilling.

The wedding went well. My flowers were white and blue, and I’ll be pressing them tonight so I can put them into photo albums and thank-you notes. I had intended to pass them out but the florist didn’t accommodate that in tying them together, and I didn’t fuss about it. Our centerpieces were papyrus in glass containers with river rocks, and I’m going to keep at least one of the plants (and give others to my new brother-in-law and stepmother-in-law). We also had a couple of potted plants as decorations. Suddenly I’m surrounded by plants. And why not? It’s getting to be summer and I no longer have to worry about planning my wedding. Bring on the plants. Bring on the weeds, even.