I have pea blooms! I went to the garden yesterday to poke around–nothing’s dead except a few weeds I pulled while I was there–and found a few small white blossoms in my pea patch. I’m thrilled. I don’t even have to worry about whether bees will find them (since nothing else is blooming in my garden yet and the bleeding heart is on the other end of the yard) since they’re self-pollinating. There are peas in my future.

I noted that only the lower half of the tomatoes’ leaves are flea-beetle-hole-ridden, meaning they’ve been stealth growing by leaps and, potentially, bounds. Once I actually looked at them, especially compared to older pictures, I could see that. The two older eggplants aren’t doing well, but I planted my last one with the cucumbers and it has no holes in it yet, so I guess late May is the right time to avoid the flea beetles. Good to know for next year.

Everything else looks good, except for the sparseness of the carrots; but I planted more recently, and the ones that came up look fine. The beans are leafy and bright, the broccoli are starting to look like actual plants, the Swiss chard is small but growing quickly. We had salad with dinner last night made with lettuce and onions from the garden, and Eric seemed surprised that the lettuce tasted like real lettuce.

My wedding is this weekend, and my parents are coming to town tomorrow, so I’m not expecting to get any serious gardening–by which I mean any at all, except the potting of the papyrus that’s going to sit at the gazebo where the ceremony is–done until next week. I will probably go there every day anyway, as I have been, to look at the little plants peacefully growing and take out my anxiety on the weeds.