“Have you heard there’s a frost warning?” Edith said to me a few days ago. “Bring in your plants.”

I instantly envisioned digging up each tomato, eggplant, and pepper and depositing them on the living room carpet. “Or cover them,” she added, possibly noticing my perplexity. “That will protect them. It might not get that cold, but it’s better to be safe.” She gave me a length of $1/yard polyester and sent me on my way. It was getting dark, but I went straight to the garden.

The polyester covered the tomatoes. The spare pots the previous owners left in the garage covered the two eggplants and two peppers. The half-made-into-curtain fabric sitting on my fabric stash (what?) covered portions of the beans; I figured as long as some of them survived, it would be okay.  I went inside and thought warm thoughts.

The next morning, right before I left for work, I went back to the garden. Everything was sopping with dew, but nothing looked frozen. Underneath the covers a few plants were bent, but none were broken and all looked cheerful. They’ve recovered from the bending, and I don’t seem to have killed the solanaceae with the fertilizer (which I was afraid of when I realized I made the concentration in the water too high). All seems well…at least right now.