There’s a concept in psychology (which I majored in) called inert knowledge. It’s where you know a fact but can’t, or don’t, connect it to your ordinary life–say you know that onions are vegetables and that vegetables are grown from seed, but since you never see the process you’re still surprised to hear that onions can be grown from seed (as Eric was the other day).

Amaranth is not a grass. And I knew that; I was looking it up a few days ago (for its protein content) and coming across ornamental versions, like, say, love-lies-bleeding. But I wasn’t accessing that fact when I was staring at the grass seedlings in my amaranth plot. I just knew there hadn’t been that many seeds in the packet when I sowed them and I didn’t want to accidentally pull them.

Turns out I was foolish on two counts. This’ll teach me not to do my research. I planted Hopi Red Dye amaranth. Can you see where this is going? I was jealous of Genie’s purple seedlings the other day (and thinking I needed colors other than brown and green around here). Today, I went to my garden to poke around and looked closely at the ground.

Red amaranth seedlings

I’ll be pulling the grass out of my amaranth plot shortly.