Pole bean, uneaten by rabbits

For Green Thumb Sunday, I present the most forward of my pole beans, completely uneaten. There are more, and some sunflowers. (Also broccoli! And Swiss chard! And little things that I’m pretty sure are the nasturtiums I planted a couple of weeks ago! In the future, for every seed I plan to plant that I haven’t seen the seedling for, I will try to plant one early indoors so that I know what to look for. I have some Hopi Red Dye amaranth planted. In that bed is a bunch of grass seedlings. But amaranth is a grass, isn’t it? So I’m hesitant to pull the weeds, and it’s killing me.) I could use some advice on whether or not to pull up the ones that have been chewed and replace them. How much cotyledon can a seedling lose before it’s no longer viable?

To achieve this, I fixed two weak points in my fencing–a board to cover a hole under the neighbor’s fence, and a block to cover the small seam between the garage and mine. I don’t know for sure that this did the trick and the rabbits weren’t just going to see the baby polar bears at the zoo like everyone else, but for now this bean lives, and that means I win.