I walked into my garden this afternoon and found holes in the leaves of my eggplants. Then in my tomatoes. And numerous, tiny black bugs on every single plant I planted (except the basil and marigolds, I suppose) two days ago. They jumped off when I touched them, so I shook every plant to get them off, though I know they’re just going to hop back on.

I have flea beetles. The various sites I consulted say that, basically, there is nothing to be done but weed, wait, and hope that my plants grow before they’re consumed.

Also? My pole beans are coming up! However: two of them have been chewed on. It doesn’t look like bug damage. It looks like furry-little-critter damage. Time to check my fence (and my neighbor’s).

Also? There are grass seedlings sprouting everywhere.

So that’s my garden future: battling the bugs, the rabbits, and the weeds. Why did I decide to start a garden?