I didn’t get the fencing today. (Partly because I visited the florist and was under severe sticker shock when I came out. I think I’m going to find another florist, if I can.) But it’s supposed to be sunny and warm the next eight days at least, and seeds don’t germinate overnight, so I decided to plant.

I prepared my beds a few weeks ago by digging in compost and raking them smooth, and I’ve been trying to keep them weed-free. It’s amazing how many weed seeds were in that soil–still are, I’m sure. I started by planting my purple sage in a container (since next year the herb bed will be the strawberry bed and the sage, I’m told, might survive the winter), then cilantro and rosemary plants and dill and parsley seeds in the herb bed. Then I prayed to the Parsley Gods to smile upon me, for I need great quantities of parsley to appease he who is to be my husband and thereby share in the seed-purchasing.

Ahem. I pulled up the poor sunflower stems that had been chewed, every single one, and replanted seeds. One of the seeds I put in earlier has already sprouted, but its shell is still covering it for now. I planted Hopi Red Dye amaranth south of that, and Hutterite Soup beans (bush) south of that, and south of that I removed the couple of broccolis that had also been chewed on and threw a couple of more seeds in, though I think it’s probably too late now to grow broccoli from seed before it gets too hot to be good. We’ll see.

I also planted the last of my onion sets, in the corners of the raised beds where I won’t be planting anything anyway. I’ve heard the tales of onion as insect repellent are a myth, but I needed to plant them anyway, so why not? And I tossed a few carrot seeds into the west bed where the tomatoes will go. They can germinate or not.

Speaking of germinating, some of my carrots have. At least two are confirmed carrots, as I can see their tiny true leaves; and the grasslike cotyledons of all the tiny plants in the carrot rows don’t look like weeds anywhere else in the garden so I’m guessing those are as well. Hooray! The lettuce and the spinach and peas are still fine, if small, and the Swiss chard has sprouted, and again I’m reasonably confident it’s the Swiss chard and not weeds only because they’re coming up in a line.

After I finished up the garden, including turning the compost piles, I planted some Golden Marguerite in the side yard, pulling up daylilies to make room. I’m not really fond of daylilies. They’re so pushy and ostentatious. (Or maybe I’m influenced by my visit to the florist.) And I weeded the little bed by the driveway that shares a fence with the neighbors’ raised bed. Their side is suddenly tilled and brown and bare of weeds, so I need to do my part.

And then I came inside and planted the first of the salad bowl: tiny carrots and baby romaine lettuce. The Micro-Toms are up, and I’m thinking that I’m just going to keep them in their little pots and take one to accompany this salad bowl. Once I add the spinach and radishes and basil/parsley/onion, there won’t be enough space as it is.