I planted my sunflower seedlings outside Sunday, along with some seeds and beans surrounding them. Since they were so leggy, I was prepared to pull them out and use actual stakes for the beans if necessary. It may be…the sunflowers are no longer leggy; they’re gone. Except for one lone seedling that survived by hiding its true leaves in the dust.

There are rabbits in my garden.

I suppose I knew this was going to happen; I’ve seen them around the neighborhood. And I noticed one of the broccoli seedlings was missing its top, but I thought maybe I’d accidentally done that myself with the hose. But no; those sunflowers were unmistakable, and now they’re unmistakably gone.

I have sunflowers and beans and marigolds and nasturtiums and broccoli and Swiss chard planted in that bed. (I also have lettuce and spinach and peas in the raised bed next to it. They’re untouched. Is the bed too high to jump? Or too much trouble? Maybe I’ll build more next year.) I suspect if I want to see them live to maturity, or even adolescence, I need to deter the rabbits. The Internet says this means I need a fence or a cover. There’s a hole in the fence between my garden and the neighbor’s yard, so I’m thinking it’ll be simpler to fence just this one bed, since the other in-ground bed will be hosting the tomato plants in a few weeks and I didn’t have any problems last year. (I have this terrible feeling I’m going to regret typing that out. Or at least look back on it and laugh, bitterly.) So it’s off to Home Depot for me.

(Or I suppose I could go to Joann Fabrics and buy some tulle. That stuff seems stiff enough to stop anything and it would let in light, wouldn’t it?)