I harvested my first garden produce today: a handful of green onions for tacos for a party we had (our not-a-wedding-shower). I can’t say they were phenomenal, but they worked great and it was very satisfying to go out to my garden for a fistful rather than pull them out of my fridge.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about Green Thumb Sunday. For Green Thumb Sunday, I present to you my pepper, which is finally taking off and growing:

My pepper 4-29-07

And this is a pepper I purchased yesterday:

Purchased pepper

Yeah. I went to Whiteford Nursery, ostensibly looking for papyrus. This was my first visit to a plant nursery…well, ever, and it was wonderful. There were herbs (I also bought cilantro and purple sage, and they joined my marigolds and rosemary in hardening off today) and tomatoes and peppers and broccoli (much, much more advanced than mine) and annuals and perennials and interesting ground covers–the flats of color went on for what looked like miles. I wanted to buy flowers. Flowers. I am not a flower person, and I coveted them. I resisted, however, and just bought the two herbs and two peppers (the other was a jalapeno, and just as lovely), because if I rely on my poor little pepper I don’t know that I’d get even one, let alone a peck.