So, as I said, I’ve been hardening off my sunflower and marigold seedlings, in preparation for planting them this week. Well, only if the weather cooperates. We’re scheduled to have rain all week, and although the weather channel has been extremely unreliable lately, we did have rain and gray all day.

I got home intending to bring in the seedlings, because I didn’t want to leave them out in the cold. And bring them in I did. They looked fine, except for one sunflower seedling. It didn’t look any different from the others this morning, slightly spindly but not bad. But this afternoon, there it was:

Sunflower seedling

Based on this observation, and the knowledge that I set it out in indirect light, I’m going to make the conclusion–and I know this is going out on a limb–that sunflowers need a lot of sunlight. Also that, um, maybe I should start over with the sunflowers.