A tiny spider has taken up residence between two of my Genovese basil plants. I figure if it can catch that one tiny fly that’s been buzzing around my plant window, it’s welcome to stay. If not, well, it won’t be staying long anyway because it’s going to starve to death.

I started more seeds today, Gold Rush zucchini and Ambrosia hybrid cantaloupe and some seeds from a delicious cantaloupe we bought at Andersons last year. My understanding is that depending on how that cantaloupe was grown, I might get delicious cantaloupes or I might get awkwardly-shaped cucurbits with terrifying visages. Either way, I win!

We went to Home Depot today, Eric and I, to get me some more humus. I ended up getting a more expensive and bulkier brand–no more cheap, mostly-water stuff for me; this new stuff is awesome. Also? They have vegetables for sale at Home Depot! Mostly it was just one corner of the nursery area, under a name, Eco-something (ETA: it’s Eco Options, their new attempt to keep up with Wal-Mart’s greening-up scheme), and the plants frankly were not very good. There was some happy-looking ornamental kale, but there were also bedraggled chives and onions. There were big sweet basils with dried-out leaves and cinnamon basils with flowers and some tired-looking tomatoes. (Mine look better. Just smaller.)

But the strawberries looked good, and I bought a flat of Quinaults, which are everbearing, meaning they won’t just yield one crop of fruit in June. Since my current crop of strawberries are a centimeter high and growing very, very slowly, this thrilled me.

I also bought some new carrot seed, Scarlet Nantes at Jade’s suggestion. When I got home with my prizes, I dug the new humus into the west bed–I’m now happy with it being considered the tomato bed again; I was able to pull out a bunch of limp grass clumps and it was pretty smooth by the end–and planted my broccoli and some Swiss chard, and sowed the carrots, and smiled at my spinach and peas, and gave everything a good dousing.

I put the strawberries in a couple of planters. This year I’ve started a small herb bed (more on that in another post, I think), but next year, I want it to be the strawberry bed. I want strawberries taking over my yard.  Aside from those eight stones I need to finish that bed, my garden is entirely ready for planting. Now to wait a couple of weeks to make sure the warmer weather is here to stay, and soon my garden will be outdoors–and off my windowsill, much to that spider’s disappointment.