I fertilized yesterday. It was windy and cold, that last (I hope) bite of winter saying “Remember me; I’ll be back,” and I have no watering can. I filled up my soil-wetting container (an aluminum pot I bought at Goodwill for dyeing yarn before learning that aluminum containers are a bad idea for dyeing) with the fertilizer mixture and practiced on the indoor plants–I don’t know that they need it, since I bought seed-starting soil with fertilizer in it and I added regular potting soil when I repotted last week, but it can’t hurt…right?–and then refilled it and hauled it outside. The blueberries and raspberries were first, since I’m worried about them–the blueberries especially. I also spread more leaves over the raspberries. I’ve read that this can harm plants because as they finish decomposing they pull away nitrogen from the roots, but this is on the top of the soil, slightly away from the plants themselves, so I’m hoping it’ll be okay. If not, well, they were cheap. And I fertilized the carrots and greens and peas, adding extra water to the carrots in the hopes that they’ll take the hint and grow. After all this water application, I expected it to rain, but it didn’t. Perhaps that only works with straight watering.

This weekend, I’ll be starting cucumbers (if my seeds ever come) and zucchini and cantaloupe and squash, and planting out my broccoli and some Swiss chard seeds. The broccoli starts are kind of spindly, and I don’t know how they’ll do–but I may as well try. The Swiss chard I picked up on impulse while buying the salad, but now that I’ve read up on it I’m really happy I got it. It’s healthy! It’s pretty! It tastes like spinach! It’s easy to grow! So there will be a row between the broccoli and the beans (or the space where the beans will be, anyway). I’m so glad it’s warm enough to think about planting.