They’re alive! My spinach definitely has a chewed-upon look to it, but they and the lettuce are hanging in there, the onions are bright green spears, and the peas look downright healthy. So do the weeds, at least until I get to them and toss them into my new weed bucket, a hanging basket I discovered was under the hanging basket my chives were in and probably contributed to its death by drowning. The chives carcass is still in its basket, partly because I hold out a faint, irrational hope it’ll come back, partly because it’s too sad to deal with right now.

I spent some time in the garden today, moving stones from the front to the back to begin my herb plot, spreading bags of humus (Eric is fond of saying “It’s dirt cheap!” but it’s not, so much, when you have to buy as many bags as I’m buying–plus they cheat on the weight by bagging it wet), and raking the soil smooth in the raised bed and the east bed. The west bed I’m a little concerned about. Last year it was the most overgrown with grass, and I killed the grass but I never removed the plants, so there are dead grass clumps everywhere. Is this a big problem? I don’t know. I don’t know that I’ll be able to get them all out if I try–I dug up that whole area. I need to buy yet more dirt-cheap dirt and work it in; I’ll see how it goes. However, I think my original plan to put the tomatoes there might be best meddled with, since the tomatoes are most important to me. I can leave the eggplant and the pepper (if it ever grows) to struggle a little more easily than the Brandywine and the Taxi.

I also worked on the compost pile, turning both old and new and using some half-rotted leaves from the old to cover the blueberry pots (I’m afraid they’re dying) and the onions, partly to mark where they are since they’re currently all alone in the west bed right by the fence. (I also buried some potatoes there. I had set them out in a window to see if they would sprout. Only one did, and only kind of, and they were bright green, which means I spoiled them for eating. So I figured I might as well bury them, even if they don’t grow. I cut them in half and tossed them into holes because I couldn’t remember which way should go up.)

I also scattered some over the carrot rows. The carrots have not sprouted. The hills are dry, which I guess was to be expected, and I intended to water but it looked like rain and then it was dinnertime, so I didn’t. It hasn’t rained, of course. Now I’m worried. Will I get any carrots or not? Is it actually going to rain tonight? It won’t be too late to plant carrots in a few weeks if I have to, will it?

As I worked I saw a huge number of spiders (my number one fear, but one greatly lessened when I’m wearing gloves and wielding a shovel) and red-and-black beetles. I don’t know what they are. I hope they’re good critters and not bad ones, or they’re in for a very short spring.