The thyme is peeking out of its starter soil. One sunflower is pushing its sturdy way towards the sunlight. The broccoli has shot up, which makes me worry they’re not getting enough sunlight. They have interesting little leaves, tiny almost-full-circles. All but one of the seeds I planted (32, I think) came up. I don’t know why I lack confidence in seeds. They certainly don’t lack confidence in themselves. The already-established seedlings are doing just fine, too. Almost all the tomatoes have started their true leaves, some of them quite sizable. Of my two pepper plants, one’s growing nicely and the other is stunted. I don’t know why, nor whether I should give up on the stunted one yet.

I’ve located two people with which to trade or give plants, which is a relief since otherwise I don’t know where I would have fit all these extra tomatoes, eggplants, basil plants, and broccoli. (I’ll be starting extra zucchini and cantaloupe too.) Of course then I’ll have whatever plants they give me that I’ll have to find a place for, but I’m honestly not seeing that as too much of a hardship. I had thought that my obsession with the garden would slacken now that there’s not much to do until late April except keep seedlings alive, but apparently that’s enough for me. I’m thinking about fall planting, about harvest time, about trellises and tomato cages, about next year’s plans and whether I did right in raking the leaves off the flower beds. It’s healthy, I suppose, but I already had enough to think about, didn’t I?

It’s supposed to be lovely today and tomorrow, and Wednesday it’ll get down to the 20s again. Eric suggested protecting my tender little spinach and lettuce and pea plants if I can on Tuesday evening. I think I need to go out and water, too…there was a rainstorm yesterday as I was driving home from Ann Arbor, but I’m not sure whether any of it actually got into my garden, and the fruit bushes are not looking terribly happy. While in Ann Arbor I went to a library book sale and got a (relatively old) gardening book, How Does Your Garden Grow?, which I’m enjoying. I also recently read two peripherally plant-related ARCs I got long ago when I worked at the bookstore: A Writer’s House in Wales by Jan Morris and Oaxaca Journal by Oliver Sacks, and found myself paying more attention to the botany bits than I ever have before, even though I’m a biology major. Conclusion: I may well be turning, like a seedling in search of the sun, to the dark side and becoming A Plant Person.